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I wanted to install updated version of gcc on a server where I do not have root access. I tried conda install -c creditx gcc-7 which was not working. Then I found conda install -c anaconda gcc_linux-64 in fact installs gccv7.3. But after the successful installation, the conda environment still uses the system gcc at /usr/bin/gcc
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If you experience problems with the build process, try to clean or recreate the build directory. Changes in the configuration like disabling a dependency, modifying build scripts or switching sources to another branch are not handled very well and can result in broken workspace.
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1) I'm assuming that conda can build scipy -- so how have you resolved linking to a fortran runtime? binary relocation is key conda concept ;) 2) Is it really true that there is no fortran compiler in conda? Cheers,-jelle--
Once the installation is complete, you can close this window and remove the Anaconda installer. The output of the conda list command. This show the name, version, build and channel of all the...To install conda packages from the user travis, use the repository URL https This example shows how to build and upload a conda package to Cloud using conda build.Install You can install conda on MacOs, Windows or Linux. Conda is Python agnostic (although it is written in python). The biggest advantage over the rest of package managers is that you can...
Install Augur & Auspice with Conda¶ Download and install the latest version of Miniconda which will make the conda command available to you. We’re going to create a new environment called “nextstrain”, which automatically installs Augur and dependencies. We’ll then install Auspice into this environment as well, and optionally set up ... Install Anaconda for 64 bits. Open you prefer commmand line prompt with Admin access(cmd, powershell...etc). Switch to your target build directory. Run command as below: $ conda update -n base conda $ conda config --add channels conda-forge $ conda install -y cmake flang clangdev perl libflang $ conda install -y -c isuruf kitware-ninja NCL can be installed on Mac and Linux systems via conda. Conda is a package management system that enables you to You must download and install conda first, either via miniconda or Anaconda.conda install -c conda-forge statsmodels. If you are building from the github source and not a source release, then you will also need Cython.
Installation with conda and activation of environment should automatically set up two environment variables ISCE_HOME : This reflects the path in site-packages folder where isce is installed ISCE_STACK: This reflects the path where the stack processors are installed conda config--add channels conda-forge conda install mahotas This relies on the conda-forge project, which builds packages for all major environments (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows). If you do not want to permanently add the conda-forge channel to your conda configuration, you can also install just mahotas with:
我们想要安装caffe 版本号为1.0,build编号为py27_blas_openblas_201的包,但是用conda install caffe=1.0安装的却是py27_blas_openblas_200的包,这时候只限定版本号就不行了,这时我们可以用: conda install doesn't gracefully fall back on pip install; pip install within Conda environments doesn't really work; Conda is not as aware of pip as it should be; Conda uses a different package format than pip, so it can't use the Pypi repositories directly. tl;dr: Conda/Anaconda are great, but they can't access everything on PyPi out of the box.
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